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8-9 August 2023
Casina della Palme
Custonaci (TP)


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Muciara Short Film Festival 2022, Covid Love wins: here are the other winners

12/09/2022 00:02

Simona Licata

Comunicato stampa 2022, MuciaraSFF2022,

Muciara Short Film Festival 2022, Covid Love wins: here are the other winners

The short Covid Love by Dutch director Rene Nuijens wins 1st prize. Second place in Candlelight by Scott Newton, third place two Italians ...

The second edition of the Muciara Short Film Festival closed with a flourish on 8 September 2022, with a live award ceremony in Trapani, at the Casina delle Palme. The Festival aims to promote the expressive and artistic form of the short film, by independent authors and production companies.


The Festival, organized by the Bonagia Eventi and Promotion Association and conceived in collaboration with Piano9 Produzioni APS , for this second edition made use of the collaboration of the staff of the social community of "The life of a video editor" to assign the Online Awards. While the quality jury made up of Simona Malato (actress), Emanuele Pasquet (director of photography) and Simone Scafidi (director and director of direction) awarded the three main prizes.


The award ceremony of the Muciara Short Film Festival

The heart of the Muciara Short Film Festival was the online short film competition, which ended on August 20, 2022 with 205 entries (number more than doubled compared to last year). The contest was aimed at independent authors and production companies. During the evening of 8 September the 10 finalist short films were screened, with the awarding of the winners. The evening was hosted by the journalist Claudia Parrinello. All the winners took part (some of them with a video message), Simone Scafidi (juror), Ivan Ferrandes (location manager and president of Filming to West Sicily) and Vito Sugameli, founder of and Artistic Director of the Muciara Short Film Festival.


The winners of the Muciara Short Film Festival

Muciara Short Film Festival 2022 Award


First place: 500.00 Euros in Amazon voucher

WINNER SHORT FILM: Covid Love by Rene Nuijens


Motivation of the jury: "Funny, although obvious in its intent, fantasy about the cooling of feelings caused by Covid. Very accurate in detail, visually capable of creating, in just 6 minutes, a world and an atmosphere. It is certainly a successful job."

Second place: Weekend for two in a tourist village

WINNER SHORT FILM: Candlelight by Scott Newton


Motivation of the jury: "A candle to discover the world and love. A work that aims both at fun, in the first part, and at poetry, in the second. Nothing that has never been seen before in animation, but it is nonetheless a technically relevant job."


Third place: Typical local products

WINNER SHORT FILM (tie): Anima by Adriano Spadaro

Motivation of the jury: "A contemporary and current look at loneliness and the use of technology, which does not expire in the sketch. The direction and the staging are very accurate, not necessarily personal but undoubtedly effective."

And Twenty Minutes by Daniele Esposito


Motivation of the jury: "A film that starts from a series of excellent intuitions: the rude awakening, the premonitory dream, the unity of place and time, the voices and screams that come from outside. The theme addressed is of clear importance. , an intimate and domestic tale of a horror that must never be forgotten. The tale has its own power and pain that do not leave indifferent."


List of finalist short films

ANIMA , directed by Adriano Spadaro (Italy)

CANDLELIGHT , directed by Scott Newton (Northern Ireland)

INTERNET SPARITO , directed by Matteo Cirillo, Bonolis Bros (Italy)

inCONTROtempo , directed by Manuel Amicucci (Italy)

COVID LOVE , directed by Rene Nuijens (Holland)

VENTI MINUTI , directed by Daniele Esposito (Italy)

URUGUAY , directed by Andrea Simonella (Italy)

201 DAYS , directed by Anne Zinn-Justin (France)

PAPPO E BUCCO , directed by Antonio Losito (Italy)

GOCCE , directed by Simone D'angelo (Italy)

Congratulations to all the authors and finalists and thanks also to those who participated in the second edition of the Muciara Short Film Festival. Thanks to Claudia Parrinello, the jury, who was present, the media partners, the Municipality of Trapani, who made this event possible. Thanks to those who were present at the final evening and to those who followed and supported us. See you in a year!

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